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What are you selling? Brand drugs or generic drugs?

At all the drugs you see are generic version of brand drugs.


What does "generic drug" mean?

Generic drugs differ from brand drugs only in terms of name, shape, color, test and (above all) price. Manufacturer, usually a company who first invented the drug formula to treat a particular disease, gives a name to its tablets. Manufacturer has patent-right on name they have given but not on the chemical compound used in the drug. This fact makes other companies a legal producer of the generic version.


Are generics medications equally effective as that of the brand name medicines?


Yes. Generic drugs produce same effect since chemical compound used in generic is something that is used in brand drugs. Hence, buying a generic medications means paying less but getting exactly same result.


Why are generic drugs cheap?

Manufacturers first have to pass their drugs through strict approval of FDA. The process to bring a drug in market for sell includes FDA approval, research & development, clinical trial and advertising which goes in millions. Manufacturers incurre these expenses from the final price of the drug. Generic drugs manufacturers do not need to recover such costs and that leads to set significantly low price for consumers.


Received tablets looks very different than brand drugs. Printed name on drug I have received is different. Why?

As mentioned earlier that manufacturer can not claim patent for chemical agent used in drug. Thus test, color, shape and size of patented drug are intellectual properties and exclusively belong to patent holder. Generic producers make a drug which is equal in chemical compound and different in color, shape, size and test otherwise brand drug manufacturer can sue generic manufacturer for copyright infringement. That is the reason generics are always different in shape, size or color from brand drugs.


What is the assurance of the quality of the drugs you offer?

Medications of high quality is something we are concern the most. We are aware with the fact that quality of the goods determines flow of customers. Satisfied customers will refer to more new customers. We check credibility and liability of the drug manufacturer. We are attentive and selective. We make sure manufacturer possess valid license provided by FDA to produce generics. Each parcel we dispatch includes related document like certificate of analysis obtained from the laboratory of manufacturer.




Do I need prescription to order my medication?

Over the counter medications do not require prescription. Different countries has their own list of prescription-drug and over-the-counter-drugs. If your country requires you to have valid prescription to buy a drug then our support team will ask you for prescription after you complete order.


Is 50mg Viagra tabs and 100mg tabs different? why?

Since different dose shows different effect in different people, medications are available in various strengths. Generic equivalent of Viagra is available in 50mg and 100mg. It means 50mg tablet contains 50mg sildenafil citrate (active chemical compound in viagra) and 100mg tablets contains 100mg sildenafil citrate. Unless achieved desired effect you may consider to take bigger dose (only after consultation with certified physician).


What is Viagra Soft and Regular? How Do They Differ?

Please, check the table below:


How to Order: FAQ


What should I do to order?

Follow steps explained below if you wish to purchase:

  1. Choose your desired product >> click buy now
  2. Choose the number of products you want to order and click on "Checkout"
  3. Fill in the asked details. Fields marked with red * can not be left blank.
  4. Click "Submit" button.
  5. You will see confirmation screen if the order placed successfully. Make sure you provide valid and daily use email address as order confirmation message will also be sent to the email address you provided. Unless you receive the message in 10 minutes please contact our customer care department. Successfully made orders can be tracked from your account (Track Order).


What payment options do you have?

We have three most widely used payment methods as listed below...


How to order with wire method? When will I receive my order?

Follow below procedure to make payment by Wire:

  • Select the product you want to buy and click 'Buy Now'.
  • Click on 'CheckOut', you will be taken to check out page. In 'Payment Info' box select 'Wire Transfer' as payment method.
  • Provide all the information and click 'Submit Transaction'. You will see success message if all the provided information is appropriate. Success message will also be containing an address where wire should be sent to (be sure to save that message in your PC).
  • You are suppose to send that wire at the provided address within three days.
  • Our concern department will dispatch the product (this may take 4-6 days).


Is it secure to use credit card on your site?

Yes. Customers' security is our utmost concern and we have taken all the possible steps for security. The page where credit card information is suppose to provide is secure page. Check below two things on the page you provide credit card information.....

  • A tiny lock icon at the end of the address bar (address bar is the place where you type URL), which mean page is configured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This icon denotes that any information provided on the page is going to be transferred in an encrypted mode.
  • Secure page start with 'https://' where 's' shows SSL configuration and normal page starts with 'http://' which is not secure.


Does your store has any Bonus/Discount Scheme?

Yes. check out our Discount system


Faq about Packing and Sending


How do i know whether you ship to my area or not?

We ship products to all the countries of the world except some countries in Asia.


Where do you send drugs from?

All the drugs are processed and sent from India.


What are the available shipping methods?

There are two shipping methods we use for delivery:

  1. Courier Service: This is faster as compare to second shipping method. Packages sent by means of this method can be tracked by tracking number (which will be sent in email and can be seen in your account section aslo ses Track Order).
  2. Standard International Airmail: This method does not have any parcel tracking system.


What are the shipping rates?

Shipping rate depend upon method and destination country. Examine below table.

* Courier Service can not be used if specified PO box in shipping address and telephone number is wrong.


Can customs department delay delivery?

In case of such situation, customs department will inform you and will ask for your permission to check the parcel. You should receive your parcel once they finish checking. Inform us if you have any problem so that we can help resolve issue.


I have received damaged parcel, what do i do now?


My parcel is not complete or missing something, what to do now?

Please contact our Customer Support Team. In this case we can resend the package or refund the payment. Check out Our Refund Policies.

Please note that if there are 90 or even more pills in your order, the order will be sent in several packages: you will get 30 pills plus 4 gift pills in the first envelope and the second package with the balance (60 pills) will be delivered a week later.

Your order will be sent in two or more packages if your order contains more than 90 pills. First package will have total 30 pills (30 pills + 4 gift pills). Second package will have rest of the order pills.


How much you charge for reshipment?

You will not have to pay any extra charges. We reship the product free of cost.


Orders Details or Tracking


How do I know my order status?

Check order status from here. From your account you can know status of the order, delivery date (approximate), dispatch date, and tracking code of parcel (if Courier Service is the shipping method).

You will need order id, provided email address to access your account.


How do I change shipping address for unsent order?

Inform us from your account by leaving a message to change shipping information.


Can I cancel the order? Yes? How?

See Refund Policy.