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Generic Lasix

Generic lasix drug is diuretic medicine. It is prescribed to remove excess water and salt accumulated in body. Generic lasix is also commonly called water pill. Salt is taken out of the blood by kidney and the fluid is eliminated from the body as urine. In an unusual condition salt gets reabsorbed from the fluid and gets back into blood. Laxis drug blocks re-absorption of salts such as sodium and chloride. This causes increase in the urine.

Because lasix removes excess water from the body, the drug is used with other medicines to treat various serious health conditions such as heart failure, chronic kidney failure, cirrhosis and nephrotic. Lasix is most commonly prescribed to control high blood pressure, with or without other medicines.

Indication: excess water remove in patients of heart diseases

Generic name: Furosemide

Drug Name: Furosemide Lasix

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